Durarara!! Anime Re-Released in the UK…Blu-Ray Edition!

Anime Limited has just announced that the Durarara!! TV anime series will be released in two Blu-ray Disk versions – Limited Edition and Standard Edition. The Limited version is already available for pre-order via Amazon for £50.59 (with free UK delivery).

This said, the said edition will be released on 28th April and will include: 4 character cards, episode 12.5 and 25 and OP & ED videos.There is no planned release date for the standard edition, but from the distributor confirmed that it will be sometimes in 2015.

Both versions include English Dubbed as well as a Japanese Dubbed versions with a possibility for English subtitles.

You can also watch Anime Limited’s preview for this Blu-ray Disk version of Ryohgo Narita’s amazing ligth novels!

Source: Anime Limited

Are you pre-ordering this series or do you already have them from a different source (the previous one for the UK was Beez Ent.)?

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