New Soul Sacrifice Delta for PlayStation PV (Video)

Soul Sacrifice Delta is a PlayStation®Vita magic-filled battle action game which which will come out on 6th of March 2014. This new instalment in the franchise will also have 40 new monsters.

The game focuses on the battle between good and evil where “evil” are mostly characters from popular fairy tales. The Brothers Grimm are some of the creators upon which the story is based. The new game will also come with a new supreme ruler of Avalon, new magic abilities, an improved and transformed map, special downloadable content and much more!

One of the best parts is that all gamers can actually transfer all their data from the old game to the new one (jealous, PlayStation console fans?).

Additional monster profile videos are available from the company’s channel.

If you are interested in the game, it will come (as already noted) on 6th March and it will be available in two editions – digital (for 3,714 Japanese Yen) and a boxed set (for 4,980 Japanese Yen). In the LE set you will find: illustration book, an original and unpublished story by Teruhiro Shimokawa, product code for the original anime by Kamikaze Douga, guest-art and a code for downloading the dull OST.

Source: PlayStation Japan YouTube

The game is coming out this month. Who plans to play it in Japanese and who will wait for the translations?

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