Ame ni mo Mukezu Japanese Poem Adapted and Illustrated in English

Rain Won’t is the original English title of Kenji Miyazawa’s popular Japanese poem Ame ni mo Mukezu. The story tells about the strength, the power of nature and the power of mind that the narrator owns. It focuses on feelings of well and good though negativity and fighting against it… or maybe you have another opinion? Share it with me below the full post! For reading the details about this adaptation…

The task to translate and illustrate this poem took animation guru Koji Yamamura (A Country Doctor by Kafka, Babel’s Book and more) and translator/author Arthur Binard nearly two whole years to complete. The illustrations themselves are a step out of the box as they include scenes and characters not included in the very text itself. The English version, however, was carefully completed so that the sense and intentional of the original authors can be transferred in the most correct and adequate way to the English-speaking readers.

Miyazawa, the original author, is also the man behind famous anime-related projects such as Ghibli’s From up on Poppy Hill and Pom Poko as well as many other non-anime related works and creations that used his words as a basis for their own worlds, ideas etc.

Source: Japan Daily

Have you read the original poem which came out in Japan last November? Share your thoughts with me!

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