Date A Live Season 2’s Extended Trailer Streamed (Video)

The full trailer for the second season of Date A Live has been streamed online by Kadokawa. In the video you can hear the theme song Trust in You by Sweet ARMS. Visually, you can have fun while the main characters share sofas, romantic moments and some of them even show a lot of skin while fighting.

See the video below!

 Date A Live II is coming out in April and will include new characters, some of which are introduced in the video above.

The original story comes from the light novels by Koushi Tachibana where a high school student named Shidou Itsuka stumbles upon a girl who comes from a world of devastation. This same girl has once already brought this devastation along to the human world, ruining it almost entirely 30 years ago. Now, someone must stop her and it seems like this is Shidou’s part. How, you migth ask. Well, by dating the girl, of course!


Source; YouTube

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