Red Haired Male Anime Characters? Let’s See the Power!

I’m not red-haired…What am I doing here?

After my hit-post Top 5 Strongest White Haired Male Anime Characters, I did not do anything to help your hair-based character searches. Now, two-and-a-half years after the first post I decided to share with you my opinion on the power of red-haired characters. The males are heartbreakers while the female characters are usually the passionate ladies. Nonetheless, I will make TWO POSTS for each gender, so I can have enough space to give all my explanations on why I think each red haired character is powerful or why he fails.

Read on and don’t fear the flames!

marian cross red haired male anime characters

Flaming hot and incredibly strong – I shall start with the amazing Marian Cross from D. Gray-man. This man is main character Allen’s mentor after Mana and one of the most expressive and discussed members of the Black Order. He is an exorcist and a general of the Order and owns two different Innocence weapons. One of them is the Judgement gun (equipment type) and the second one is the Grave of Maria parasitic type of weapon. The gun has never-ceasing bullets from pure energy and the other is actually the corpse of a former (pretty strong) exorcist. Using these two and his own golem called Timcanpy, Cross-sama is able to defeat even the Millennium Earl. But what brought him down? Was it his lifestyle? Is he even dead? Due to the mangaka’s bad health and often hiatuses, the story is currently paused. Because of this, fans had plenty of time to discuss if this red haired character can possibly die or not. Strong in fiction and as a discussion topic, this is Marian Cross.

kenshin himura red haired male anime characters

Running from fantasy evil-fighter to a historical warrior. Who doesn’t know Hitokiri Battousai? Who hasn’t read, watched or even written about him? This is Rurouni Kenshin – the wandered Kenshin Himura. Famous as a master sword wielder and a monster on the battlefield, he was soo bloodthirsty that he overdrank and became a wandering samurai, carrying around a katana with a reversed blade, so that he would never kill again. Unlike his fantasy counterpart above, however, he is all about protecting now and is ready to risk it all for the sake of his country… even his peace. What makes this character special are not only his amazing sword abilities, but also his passion for justice and rightfulness.

suoh mikoto red haired male anime characters

Jumping back into fantasy with an urban aftertaste – K anime’s Mikoto Suoh. Extremely powerful, when it comes to personality, he is surely the former Red King’s best choice for an heir. And so it happens – Mikoto-san is the new King, on par with the others and even more – he has a gang of faithful and always supportive of his deeds believers. In the bar or right in the middle of the police (Blue King’s forces) quarters – he is there – ready for another take on the other Kings. He is ready for a fight, emotionally stable and his passion is flaming hot, because it is the red fire that symbolises him. Even if he did die, which has not been confirmed with the appearance of a new Red King, he still was one of this show’s best developed characters.

shanks red haired male anime characters

An anime which I mistakenly omitted in the white haired anime characters list, is One Piece. I won’t lose your time with white-hairs such as Whitebeard and Gol D. Roger’s right hand man  Silvers Rayleigh. I will speak to you about the man who many fear and are ready to die from just looking in his eyes, the one who gave main character Luffy his pirate dreams – Shanks. Hey, all – he is even the captain of the Akagami Kaizokudan (Red-haired Pirates), named so for his hair. This Yonko (one of the biggest four pirates in the One Piece world) is able to defeat almost everything. He has amazing swimming abilities and is probably a great swordsman, but what makes him really special is the ability to wield at least 2 out of the 3 types of Haki – Busoshoku and Haoshoku. He is so able that even the great Whitebeard acknowledged him.

Now, let me introduce my negative side of the things – Shanks can easily be excluded from this post for some obvious reasons. First, he lost an arm for no reason (protecting someone is an honourable thing to do, but not when you could have saved both yourself and the child with a simple Haki) and then, he has shown nothing special. All we know about him are stories we’ve heard from third persons or even the people who heard it from someone who heard it from someone who eventually saw it.

From here on, I will focus on the negative sides of the three red haired male anime characters left in this list. They are strong, but how much? They are amazing, but when will they show it? They are invincible, except when you find their weakness.

renji red haired male anime characters

Bleach’s Renji Abarai is one of these people. He looks fancy, he’s a Lieutenant and he’s one of the strongest in this position because he managed to call forth a Bankai. His Bankai is also very strong and has two souls – a snake and a monkey ( and don’t get me started on the mythology about both of them). Yes, this is great, but what did he actually accomplish? In fact, all he managed to achieve was become yet another comedy character. Soon after his first appearance in the anime (and the manga), Renji became laughing stock, a silly shinigami who would always munch on something and wouldn’t do much else. This is how a cool-looking and interesting red haired man suddenly changed into a dull teenage, just like all the others in the Gakuen.

gaara red haired male anime characters

Last but not least, I have left some space for Naruto and Shukaku the Ichibi’s Jinchuuriki – Gaara of the Sand. He was made the Sand village’s jinchuuriki, he ruled over Shukaku without a problem. He has an impenetrable defence and the support of his dead mother’s will. He is an able taijutsu user. He is also one of the most powerful ninja from Naruto’s age. Then again, what happened with him once he rediscovered the beauty of friendship, love and all that other stuff? He totally disappeared. He was revived by the granny and since then, we only see him as a support for either a different Kage, for Naruto himself or in some other position that can never be adequate for all the great stuff he used to be in the past, before the Shippuuden chronicles. Because of this falling of his, this red haired male anime character is getting my negative score.

With this I end my 3/3 take on red haired male anime characters. Feel free to bash me for the wrongness I did to Gaara, Shanks and Renji or how I overrated Cross, Suoh or Kenshin (I know no one would blame me for outing Hittokiri Battousai here!). Also, I wold really appreciate every positive thought you can write about my post!

Expect the amazing red haired female anime characters soon!

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    1. Marian Cross is one of my all-time favourites as well. Kudos to Shinigami-sama for including him in this wonderful selection.

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