Samuel L. Jackson Presents: Kite Live-Action (Video)

Straight form the live-action movie Kite‘s set: Samuel L. Jackson presents the first full trailer for Kite – the adaptation of Yasuomi Umetsu’s original OVA anime. See the video below and don’t forget that Kite is not for children!

The video sure shows a lot of where this adaptation is going.
Let’s get a little background on the movie, because I am certain most of you already are familiar with the OVA.

Initially, directing the project was David R. Ellis, but during pre-production (7th January 2013) he passed away and the movie was put o hold for some time. Then, Ralph Ziman took over and isnow the director for this live-action Kite project.

Main actress India Eisley is popular for her roles in Underworld: Awakening and Maleficent (coming soon).

Source:MetaCafe wesbite for the video
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