Toriko Goes on a Break after Current Arc Is Completed

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After Toriko‘s ongoing Human World arc ends, the Mitsutoshi Shimabukuro’s manga will begin a short-term hiatus. The rest will only take a month and the author promises that the Gourmet World arc will come with a blast on 2nd February.

Let me remind you that the last chapters of the current arc will come out in Shueisha’s Shounen Jump magazine’s combined 6th/7th volume which will come out on 4th January. The next issue which will come with the included new arc’s first chapter will be the 10th weekly Shounen Jump magazine issue (2nd February).

The story of Toriko is a simple one – he’s one of the world’s best chefs and he strives to be the best. He travels the world in search of the best ingredients for the most amazing dishes. Hunting animals, stealing precious spices from unknown locations and more – this is the life of Toriko – the Bishokuya.

Source: Weekly Shounen Jump

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