Santa Company Anime is Wanted after All

After all, it seems like the Santa Company anime, which didn’t make the season cut, was wanted by over 500 otaku. The Kickstarter project met its goal earlier today. The movie will be funded with $50 000, but backers are still able to support it. The Kickstarter will be closed on 2nd January 2014 at 1p.m. PST.

Here is the staff that will take care of this project’s fulfillment:
Director: Kenji Itoso
Screenplay: Naohiro Fukushima
Original Character Design: Hidari
Producer: Kenji Itoso

Line Producer: Hiroshi Nakamura
Planning: Kenji Itoso
Special Thanks: Tadao Iwaki
Theme Song: Choucho

If the funding get to $100 000, the movie will have also Italian, Spanish and Finnish subtitles. At $150 000 fans will get a limited deluxe edition with English dub of the anime and at $200 000 – a special documentary short anime about the making of the project.

Source: Kickstarter campaign

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