Sequel Movie to K Anime to Premiere on 12th July 2014

Yukari Mishakuji

The official website of the K anime project announced that the sequel to the original TV series from 2012 will be released on 12th July 2014. The sequel, which was initially hinted at the end of the final episode 13 of the series, was named to be a movie in May 2013.

32 theatres will be a part of the nationwide roadshow.

K anime came out in October 2012 and continues for 13 episodes until December. It was also adapted into a number of manga prequels and turned out to be a great inspiration for many cosplayers. Coming out of the blue, the project by GoRa and GoHands was quickly accepted and became the reason for many polemics among the otaku.

Good or bad, it became a popular name. Its odd title (K) and interesting production team caused K anime to be what it is – a new style in anime music, animation and approach (or at least one we haven’t seen lately). After this series’ success, GoHands created the anime adaptation of the post-apocalyptic fantasy/sci-fi manga Coppelion (which was originally planned for a much earlier release, but these plans were obstructed by unpredictable events).

Source: K anime official website

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