Funimation Releases English Cast for Kamisama Hajimemashita Anime

kamisama kissKamisama Hajimemashita, known as Kamisama Kiss in the English-speaking world, will be released in North America by Funimation Entertainment. The special Kamisama Kiss: The Goddess Edition Premium Box Set is already available for pre-ordering.

You can see the whole list below!

Both the standard (including a DVD/BD combo pack) and the special editions will be on the shelves starting 11th February 2014. Keep in mind that the limited edition box set is very limited. Once the copies are sold, it will not be reprinted.


Nanami Momozono to be played by Tia Ballard

Tomoe to be played by J. Michael Tatum

Kurama to be played by Sean O’Connor

Mizuki to be played by Micah Solusod

Mikage to be played by Joel McDonald

Otohiko to be played by Ian Sinclair

Narrator to be played by Luci Christian

Onikiri to be played by Jad Saxton

Kotetsu to be played by Josh Grelle

Himemiko to be played by Monica Rial

Kotaro to be played by Chris Burnett

Narukami to be played by Lydia Mackay

Dragon King to be played by Robert McCollum

Kamehime to be played by Anastasia Muñoz

Yukiji to be played by Tia Ballard

Megumi to be played by Michelle Rojas

Chie to be played by Apphia Yu

Ami to be played by Alexis Tipton

Akura-Oh to be played by Brandon Potter

The boxed set will include: Nanami’s ornamental hair stick (a jewellery replica from the show!), Tomoe Omamori lucky amulet, folding fan, tote bag, seven postcards, all 13 episodes on Blu-ray and DVD combo pack, video and audio episode commentary, trailers, clear-format opening and closing songs.

Source: Funimation

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