Kill Me Baby (キルミーベイベー) Anime Review – Baby, Please Kill Me!

kill me baby sonyaKazuho’s Kill me Baby (キルミーベイベー) is a lovely story filled with fun, comedy and a lot of unique moments. It revolves around Yasuna Oribe and her new classmate Sonya. Sonya-chan has just transferred to Yasuna’s school and is put to sit next to her.  This is the beginning of an amazing 13-episode comedy that will make you cry from laughter.

kill me baby danceThe anime is almost identical to the original manga by Kazuho, but is also a bit manipulated, so that it would work better on TV. There are two things that caught the attention of the viewer ever since episode 1 – the OP “Kill Me no Baby!” and the ED “Futari no Kimochi no Honto no Himitsu” both performed in-character by Chinatsu Akasaki & Mutsumi Tamura (the two main seiyuu). The latter was especially adored for the unique dance routine, which was copied by many fans and cosplayers at various events (right).

Apart from the music, which ended-up a perfect representation of the extreme fun both the character and the viewers had during the show, there were several other unique and exciting things about this anime. One of them, of course, were the characters. Who would’ve thought a chibi version of an assassin, playing it all hardboiled and heavy, would be so interesting to watch? The incredible situations Oribe and Sonya got themselves into would get any comedy fan into a laughing fit. Even more, there were actual traps and techniques used in the show! Sadly, they did not come from the very famous ninja style of the purple-loving Miss Agiri.

kill me baby
Top to bottom: Sonya (the assassin), Yasuna (the silly classmate) and Agiri (the ninja)

One of the most curious characters, however, is none other than the so-called Unused Character. She is an odd-looking girl who seems to be interested in getting her on-screen time, but never manages to actually enter into the action. She would always miss out just a little bit. She was originally planned to appear as a main or an important secondary character, but was cut out from the script. She is supposedly very angry at Yasuna for taking up all her character traits, ultimately rendering her useless. Hence, she’s also constantly trying to realize a plan of revenge against Sonya and Yasuna. Even funnier, the seiyuu of Unused Character is the very Rie Kugimiya!

kill me baby chaarctersNaturally, it was not a perfect show – there were animation issues (or were they such as this is a comedy show?!), some awkward moments and the very complaint that this is yet another slapstick comedy about the crazy life of a group of school girls… Even after having said this, I feel odd for pointing it out as this is a fun show with lots of kawaii things and good laugh. It just doesn’t deserve its negative sides to be named as they just added up to the reasons for laughter. Nonetheless, all of the mentioned negatives are real.


kill me baby sonya yasuna
Like equals!

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