Natsuki Takaya Goes on Hiatus

amazonFruits Basket author Natsuki Takaya will be going on an extended hiatus starting this week. Her ongoing manga Liselotte to Majo no Mori will also be paused until the mangaka recovers from an undisclosed illness.

Back when she was will working on the Fruits Basket series, Takaya also had to pause her work. A whole year was needed for her to recover from a certain cerebral nerves illness at the time. The author has denied, however, the current issue to be related to relapses of this past event.

The message says:

A long-term hiatus


I will have to take care of myself for a while.

I am very sorry!

I apologise to the readers of my work.

Right now, I don’t know what will happen – the condition can improve or worsen at any moment.

Unfortunately, at this moment, I cannot say when I will be coming back.

I will take time and rest well now.


Once again,

I would like to apologise to everyone who is concerned, my family and also to my readers for the inconvenience and the worries.

I am sorry.

Natsuki Takaya”



Source: Natsuki Takaya’s personal blog

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