Live-action Movie Haganai Previewed (Video)

The live-action movie adaptation of Yomi Hirasaka’s Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sakunai (a.k.a. Haganai) original light novels will be released across Japanese theatres on 1st February 2014 and will be directed by Takuro Oikawa (Kankin Tantei, Shuffle). See the full trailer as streamed by the Japanese cinema website Cinema Café!

Haganai’s story centres around the experiences of a new transfer student in the St. Chronica’s Catholic school. Kodaka Hasegawa has problems adjusting because of his natural blond hair and fierce stare. As with all the other schools, his schoolmates don’t trust him, based on prejudices and ungrounded biases. The ‘yankee’ boy meets a similar soul at school – the anti-social Yozora Mikazuki whose only friend is school is… imaginary. The two form a club for learning social skills and name it The Neighbour’s Club.

The video shows all the main cast. You can also hear Kerakera’s  theme song “Hitotsu dake”.

Source: YouTube

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7 thoughts on “Live-action Movie Haganai Previewed (Video)

  1. yozora is ok… the other girls are not like thier anime charachter… change them all (make sena blond, yukimura skin, and maria… little, skin, cute and blond)

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