Takeshi Obata Turns All You Need Is Kill into a Manga

ALL YOU NEED IS KILLThe All You Need Is Kill novel by Hiroshi Sakurazaka will be adapted into a manga. The manga itself will have a famous name working on it – Death Note and Hikaru no Go’s mangaka Takeshi Obata. The author is also using original illustrator Yoshitoshi Abe’s work for the upcoming character designs.

The story will be drafted by Ryousuke Takeuchi and the story will follow closely Sakurazaka’s novel.The new manga will begin in Shueisha’s Weekly Young Jump magazine’s combined 6/7 issue for 2014. The magazine will be on the market from 9th January.

All You Need Is Kill centres on the life of humans during an alien invasion and most of all – on the ‘lucky’ few that have to fight the aliens… most of all – the strange events around a young new recruit on the battlefield named Keiji Kiriya. As he walks into the battle against the Gitai alien invaders, he is killed. But instead of disappearing from the show, we focus entirely on him and his more than 158 replays of that fateful day when he died. Will he manage to save the day in one of these revivals? This is the question that we will see answered in the manga by Death Note’s Obata.

In North America, writer Nick Mamatas and illustrator Lee Ferguson will create a separate graphic novel adaptation of All You Need Is Kill. It will be distributed by Viz Media. The first volume will be shipped 6th May 2014.

Source:Shueisha via Manga News

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