Nanae Chrono Returns with a One Shot Peacemaker Story

イメージPeacemaker Kurogane manga will be returning to print as a one-shot. The chapter will be bundled with two special chapters of Donten ni Warau by Kemuri Karakara as well as an 8-page sequel to this story named Rengoku ni Warau.

The special Animate×Comic Beat’s Presents Jidai Katsugeki Gaden ~ZAN~: Peace Maker Kurogane x Donten ni Warau will go out on 24th December – just in time for the holidays!

In it, there will also be: an original co-written and co-illustrated manga by both mangaka, full-colour opening pages, news on the Donten ni Warau anime adaptation, interviews with them, as well as a cover art and an illustrated essay by Otomen author Aya Kanno.

Let me remind you that the Shinsengumi Imon Peacemaker (05.1999-09.2001) and the Peacemaker Kurogane manga (started in October 2002) series were entirely complete on the remarkable date of 10th October 2010 (10.10.10). Donten ni Warau, on the other hand, finished in May this year. It has been running since October 2010.

Source: Comic Natalie

Here’s the full contents:
Donten ni warau Sequel chapter
Rengoku ni warau Chapter 1 (center color)
Donten ni warau TV anime information
PEACE MAKER Kurogane Series Resume (First page color)
PEACE MAKER Kurogane One short Special
Source: dearchan

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10 thoughts on “Nanae Chrono Returns with a One Shot Peacemaker Story

  1. I haven’t read Dontenb now, but PMK is one of my favourites. Just seeing the ill Souji and the black cat’s tail near the open door, I am about to drop down, cuddle in a ball and cry. As afr as I can see 1, 3, 5 are from PMK and the other two are from Donten, but I cannot be sure. So much drama will be in the PMK chapter I am actually wondering if I should order it from Japan … :S

  2. I adore “Peacemaker Kurogane”. Looking at the page shared, this might be the story of Hijikata and Souji meeting their respective ends…one on the battle field and the other – due to illness. Sad and beautiful, just like history.

    1. I belive the person on the battlefield is Tenka from Donten ni Warau. Still, good suggestion, so I hope you are indeed correct.

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