AquaPazza PS3: Full Game Trailer (Video)

The full trailer for fighting game AquaPazza by Atlus was streamed yesterday. It shows a lot of the possible formations and hits, as well as scenes, special moves and even the story mode! Check out the video and see what this game will give you when you get it on the PlayStation 3. Available in North America on 19th November for just $29.99. See the trailer below!

All weapons can be used as long as they’re in your inventory and each of them has its unique features and attacks. Special moves can be performed when the tag team combines powers and attacks or counterattacks in order to defeat the adversary. One unique feature of the new AquaPazza is that the higher you keep the morale of your character, the stronger his or attacks will be.

The game is in 2D and is already available in the Japanese networks and stores, but was still to be released in North America. It is not announced when and if the game will be made available for the European players.

Source: YouTube

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