Fate/Zero Director Founds a Studio. Announces 2014 Project

Ei Aoki, the director of Fate/Zero, has announced that he and a group of friends have founded an own animation studio. The studio’s name is TROYCA (read “troh-ih-kah”) and it is already working on the production of Aoki’s next anime project as a director.

Another cool thing about this new studio is that it’s currently looking for staff members and you can check out the application process online on the official website of the new company.

Apart from founder and director, Aoki-san is also one of the board director. The other two (announced) board director are are Toshiyuki Nagano as president (representative board director) and Tomunobu Kato as vice-president.

Source: Twitter

Did you like Fate/Zero? What are you expecting from Aoki-sensei’s new project?

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