One Piece Unlimited World R – Boss Fight (Video)

Gather all! We have fresh new gameplay videos for the upcoming One Piece Unlimited World R game for the Nintendo 3Ds. Crocodile, Caesar and Enel are three of the bosses you can fight in the franchise. See how to do it best in the three videos below!


Battle against the Gas-Gas fruit eater Caesar

or try your best to defeat Enel

Further back in time, you can even see how well you can do with Crocodile himself!

Apart from many true canon enemies, Eiichiro Oda has created several new bosses for the gamers to enjoy including a certain Mr. Red, Pet the raccoon and Yadoya. There are also special 3DS colours inspired by the game – Luffy Red and Chopper Pink.
The game will ship with the two 3DS XL consoles on 21th November and the first ones to purchase this installation in the franchise will get a special LE code for a great Luffy costume from the Strong World movie, playable Ace and a cool new quest.

Source: YouTube

What do you think about these new possibilities that he 3DS players will be able to explore?

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