Soul Eater Not! Anime Announced

Voice actress Chiaki Omigawa, the seiyuu of Maka Albarn from Soul Eater, will have a lot to explain as it seems like she has ruined Square Enix’s big announcement which was supposed to be published in 12th December’s issue of Shounen Gangan. So… Soul Eater Not! Will get an anime! Congrats to those of you who love the manga!

Soul Eater Not! Started as a spin-off series to the Soul Eater manga. The first chapter of this alternative reality was published in 2011 and it is now the only project from the franchise still being released. The original manga ended earlier this year.

Thank you, Omigawa-chan, for being as honest during your Yurutto Fuwatto radio programme!

Source: Chiaki Omigawa

If you care about Soul Eater Not! Why don’t you discuss it with me? I would love to see some true positive or negative opinion on this upcoming project! After all, I am a Shinigami.

2 thoughts on “Soul Eater Not! Anime Announced

  1. This might not be funny as Japanese companies are pretty strict with such “slips of the tongue”… Hope it was on purpose. As for the spin-off…I never liked it.

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