Wild Adapter OVA Previewed (Video)

The first portion of animated promo footage for next year’s Wild Adapter OVA series was streamed on the project’s official website. The anime, which was originally set for a January release, will be delayed until March 26, 2014.

See the first animated footage in the video below!


Kazuya Minekura’s original manga tells the story of Makoto Kubota – a young gang leader who takes in a boy with mysterious past. Minoru, as is the boy’s name, has suffered a mutation in his right arm – a result of the W.A. drug. This same substance is the reason for the two of them to decide to seek throughout the city’s underground for the source and origin of this devastating drug.



Source: Wild Adapter Official Website

Comment below and tell me what is so great (or awful) about Wild Adapter’s new adaptation!

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