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eurocosplay united kingdomThe day is Saturday. The location – London. Time? The right one.

I am hovering around Excel centre’s theatre and am anxiously awaiting the Eurocosplay 2013 finale. Amazing costumes are awaiting us, if we judge from the competitors’ vlogs, blogs and social media profiles. I am wondering if there will be someone who will grab me and make me want to go and congratulate them for a job well done. Suddenly, the lights are dimmed and a strange human appears. Our host was an amazing addition to the great show that we witnessed.

Watch out! Some awesome cosplays are on their way!


On this image you can see all the participants in this year’s EuroCosplay event. You can see the cosplayers in scenes of their appearances in the full gallery of images (I would have to apologise in advance for quality and some lacks, but it’s hard doing it with these little hands of mine. The sleeves would always get in the way).

The event went on with a bit of goofing, a lot of technical issues and a lot of joking around and fun. The technical issues, mind you, were more than unsuitable for an event of this scale, especially if the judges are as exact as they proved to be, having video delays and imperfect lighting was annoying.

The judges on this panel were famous, beautiful and most of all – experienced in the scenography cart in both professional makeup and cosplay planning. Psyposer, a popular cosplayer, was walking around the event as the most realistic young version of Thranduil you could see. There is probably no person who was at the MCM London Comic Con 2013 that doesn’t have a picture of or with him. His personal choice was Elyos Chanter from Aion: The Tower of Eternity. She was played by the Hungarian cosplayer Cassidy.

Cathy, the second judge, was also cosplaying. She is famous as a member of God Save the Queen.  Her personal favourite was Finland’s Hiron with his representation of Otoyomegatari’s Amira Halgal.

The third judge was Black Tie F/X’s very own Matt. He’s worked on the makeup for shows such as The Walking Dead. He chose the cosplayer Dulcinea from Lithuania. The cosplay was of WoW’s Dranei Paladin.

The winners…

Before listing the top three choices, let me show you the points of the top five positions:

1st – 99.995 points

2nd  – 98.7 points

3rd  – 98.2 points

4th  – 97.9 points

5th  – 97.5 points

Now, as you can see, the judges had an issue pinpointing the exact winner. They had to go through everything and account for even the slightest of errors, which would usually not even be noted in their grades.

Third place – Sara from Italy. She presented a costume of Toothiana from Rise of the Guardians.

Second place went to Poland’s Zula and her cosplay of Spider Slicer from Bioshock.

The winner, although a lot of people started complaining about the final pick, had a lot to teach the other competitors.

eurocosplay 2013 winner

With a research worth months of internet hours and library reading, she managed to copy in the best possible way, the sewing techniques and material manipulation from the age her character lives in. With hour worth of drawing on her own skin, she has tattooed (temporarily, of course) the chaarcter’s large birthmark on her back.

At the end, here is her name – Iloon with her great performance of Edward Elric from Fullmetal Alchemist. Even when her minutes finished, she didn’t act out of character and managed to overcome the lack of exit just as Edward probably would.


Congrats to the winners and let us all hope that Eurocosplay 2014 will bring us even better cosplays and a more clear system for the jury.


After this finale and although the Excel centre was closed before the end of the show, I went to my otherworld and finished whatever work I had left for the finals. Yet again, I was pleased I have managed to visit this huge event. This is also why I returned on Sunday for the Cosplay Masquerade!

There, many cosplayers participated and showed off their incredible costumes even without aiming for an award. You can see photos from this day’s cosplay event as well.


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  1. That must have been awesome! I am hoping to visit at least one of the qualifiers in France next year and hopefully the big finale!

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