Wizard Barristers Full Trailer Streamed (Video)

The second promo video for the upcoming Wizard Barristers: Benmashi Cecil anime series was streamed earlier today. The video is long 100 seconds and has a lot of guns, shootings, blood and some crazy guys! Check it out below!

In this anime there is a world where both people with magic abilities and such without exist. With a lot of rules against magic wielders and prohibitions, as well as even simple limitations, even a special courtroom was established for the magic offenders. What the Barristers do is to protect the rights of the magic wielders. The youngest of these “Benmashi” is Cecil and it is her and her team of defenders that we will be closely following in this show.

Kite’s Yasuomi Umetsu is the original creator as well as director and series composer for the project. Screenwriting is HENNEKO’s Michiko Itou.
Expect to watch the series in January 2014.
Expect a full review with the new series of previews that will follow as soon as I get a confirmation of the Winter 2013/2014 anime season dates.
Source: YouTube
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