Project Flare by Square Enix – The New Gaming World (Video)

Square Enix has revealed its cloud-based gaming servers. With samples from Final Fantasy XI, Agni’s Philosophy and Deus Ex: Human Revolution, the initiative certainly starts strong. What will the gamers say, though?

Watch Project Falre’s trailers and give me your opinion on will cloud servers take over or not!

from Final Fantasy XI

from Deus Ex: human Revolution

Third video – server performance and GPU density

Source: YouTube

Is this great news or not-so-great? What do you think? Comment below.

4 thoughts on “Project Flare by Square Enix – The New Gaming World (Video)

    1. It will take over only after the world has adequate internet. So far, this is an expensive and not-so-popular solution. Designing games for the Cloud s adventurous as well, so they might wait for Microsoft’s helping hand.

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