No.6 Manga Ends in November

no 6 mangaNo. 6 will be ending in the January issue of ARIA magazine, coming out on 28th November. The series, which got many fans with studio BONES’s 11-episode anime adaptation from 2011, tell a story of a battle between an urban good and evil and the way to survive in a strange world of odd aristocracy, nobility, riches…

NO. 6 tells the story of Sion and Nezumi. Two boys that have grown up in as different worlds as they possibly can. One, Nezumi, comes from outside the wall of the elite neighbourhoods. He’s strong, intuitive, athletic and unafraid. Sion, on the other hand, is a typical boy from inside the walls. One night, during a storm, their paths crossed and ever since Sion sheltered the young black-haired boy, both their lives changed completely.

The manga has also been running from 2011. It’s an adaptation of Atsuko Asano’s original light novels. The mangaka is the same person who created the novel’s illustrations – Hinoki Kino.

Source: ARIA magazine

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4 thoughts on “No.6 Manga Ends in November

  1. Well, we had one note that it will end. Why post a second one. Next time just update the old post, Shinigami-sama! Anyway, I’m not reading this manga, but I am happy it existed for a friend of mine who loved the novels and was devastated when they ended. I hope they manage to do something new that will serve the No.6 public.

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