gateau by Ichijinsha – the New Shounen-ai Magazine

Gateau - in Madness there is LoveThe first issue of Ichijinsha’s new manga magazine will come out on 30th November. gateau (note the intentional lack of capitalisation) will host stories of the shounen-ai a.k.a. boys’ love genre. Among the authors who have already signed are: Hideyoshico (Apple and Honey), Suou, Kudan Nazuka, Nagarenai Tessyu, Memeko Arii, Ikko Matsumoto, and Papiko Yamada.

The magazine’s tagline is borderless shounen-ai and it is promising to do just this! With the amazing images, available on the site and the possible titles by the aforementioned authors, there is certainly something juicy coming to all these anxious females and males out there!

Let me remind you that this title is an actual series, published by Ichijinsha and it’s already reached as far as volume 11! Its author is Hideyoshico.

Source: gateau magazine

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