Dragon Ball GT Season 1 Licensed by Manga Entertainment

mcm comic con 2013 manga entetainmentDuring today’s MCM Comic Con panel in London, Manga Entertainment announced that the first season of Dragon Ball GT, that is the first 32 episodes, will be released in the United Kingdom. The DVD will come in a digitally remastered version.

Manga Entertainment promised that they are also looking forward to licensing the original Dragon Ball series as well, but the GT episodes came as a natural continuation of the already released GBZ anime.

The Dragon Ball GT TV anime series focus on the life of Son Goku whom the Black Star Dragon Balls have turned into a child.His granddaughter Pan and Trunks are with him during the various adventures he has to go through in order to retrieve these same Black Star balls. The ultimate challenge, however, comes when Baby, Goku’s arch-enemy in this series, fights the hero while in the body of Vegeta. What happens next? You have to watch the series and see!

Source; MCM Comic Con

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