Mushishi Manga Returns to Afternoon Magazine

Mushishi (by Yuki Urushibara) will be returning to Kodansha’s Afternoon magazine. The manga will have two new chapters in two successive issues of the magazine. The dates are 25th November and 25th December 2013.

The Mushishi manga centres on the life of the Mushi creatures which are said to exist in balance with nature and which are said to be aware of the very essence of existence.  They often exhibit what we, normal people, would call supernatural powers. Anyway, due to their very nature, they are not always seen by humans, or more like not all humans can see them. Just a select few.One of them is the main character called Ginko. He is the lead in all episodic stories we read about in Mushishi. He is the travelling Mushi researched and he is the one who helps people solve problems resulting from the existence or intentionally caused by the Mushi.

The original manga ran from 1996 until 2008. It was also adapted into an anime series.

The issue of Afternoon also revealed that a special project is to come from Yuki Urushibara’s franchise. More information will be revealed in the manga’s deluxe keepsake collector’s edition of the volumes. The first and second ones are coming out on 25th November and on 20th December – the third one.

Source: Earlbox

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