koroshiya sanKoroshiya-san is an original manga series by Masahide Ichijo (story) and (Tama)Chiku (illustrations). It focuses on the adventures of Koroshiya-san (a.k.a. Mr Hitman) and his team of professionals. The best part is that it’s not only humans or even living things that they need to ‘kill’ sometimes they need to do a ‘killer job’ by performing absolutely bizarre tasks such as completing a homework.

Watch this comedy show, based on the original manga, from 10th October 2013!


With the manga entering its 9th year in 2013, it was more than natural for this 4-koma seinen comedy to get its own TV anime series. Also, please keep in mind that ecchi is also a part of this story’s specifications; hence, you might see some naked female skin. Here is what you should know about the main characters before episode one airs on 10th this month…

Koroshiya-san (Code Geass’ Takahiro Sakurai) is actually named Ryuichi Sasaki and he is a Japanese killer. Keeping watch on him is the homeless high school student known with the name Chichi no Kataki Onna (Attack on Titan’s Saki Fujita). Also a part of Koroshiya-san’s team is the recently arrived apprentice boy (Hetalia’s Aki Kanada), known as the o Deshi-san (transl. Apprentice).

koroshiya san chaarcters
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Someone who does the police work is this show’s inspector (Soul Eater’s Toru Ookawa) – always chasing the killer and his team of wrongdoers. He is also in a team, but instead of a cute girl or a smart guy, his companion is the plice dog Gouro (Attack on Titan’s Keiji Fujiwara).

Here is who’ll take the blame if you don’t like the show at all:


Director: Ai Ikegaya

Original creator: Chiku (art) and Masahide Ichijo (story)

Animation Production: OperaHouse

Broadcaster: TV Saitama

Production: Koroshiya-Kun Production Committee, OperaHouse, Studio Mausu, The Klockworx Co., Ltd.


At first sight, the video doesn’t seem like an informational one. If you take a better look at the illustrations shows, however, you will see a lot of the sketches and curious facts about the upcoming story such as, for example, how the main female does seem like a good Kendo practitioner and that something really, really bad might happen to the male lead.

Images and video: © 2013 タマちく./双葉社・「殺し屋さん」製作委員会

Official Koroshiya-san : The Hired Gun Website

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