Black Bullet Light Novels to Be Adapted into an Anime

『ブラック・ブレット』Shiden Kanzaki’s Black Bullet light novel series is getting an anime adaptation. With Masayuki Kojima directing the upcoming show and Tatsuhiko Urahata’s scripts, it will definitely bring something unusual to the small screens. One of anime’s biggest is composing the music for the project.

Responsible for this adaptation’s music ambiance will be Shiro Sagisu. He has done music for Bleach, Berserk, Magi and Neon Genesis Evangelion amongst other shows. Other members of the team are seiyuu Yuuki Kaji, who has played Shingeki no Kyojin’s Eren Jaeger, NO. 6’s Sion, K’s Tatara Totsuka and more. He will be this story’s Rentarou Satomi. Enju Aihara will be played by Rina Hidaka who is popular as the voice of xxxHOLiC’s Kohane Tsuyuri, Tiger & Bunny’s Kaede Kaburagi and Sword Art Online’s Silica. The last announced seiyuu for the project is Rikiya Koyama who will play Kagetane Hiruko. Koyama-san is the famous voice of Bleach’s Primera Espada Starrk, Naruto’s Yamato and Ghost in the Shell’s Hideo Kuze.

The story of Black Bullet centres on the student Rentarou and his powerful ability. He needs it so he could help humanity fight off an enemy species of parasites, which are trying to take over its land in a not very distant future.


Source: Dengeki Online

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