3D CG PV for Sword Gai Manga (Video)

A 2-minute promo video was released for the manga Sword Gai. The story of this project is written by Toshiki Inou, drawn by Osamu Kine and has original character designs by Keita Amemiya. It focuses on the battles of a young man with a mysterious existence. The video is a good depiction of what Sword Gai is all about and you can watch it below!

The story revolves around Gai – a young man whose life began near the hanging place of an unknown woman. He is discovered and adopted by a sword smith named Amon (the name is also an alias of Amon Ra – the Sun god and main deity in the Egyptian mythology). Soon after being able to, he is taken as an apprentice by his foster parent. It is there where his extreme abilities begin – when he loses his arm in a bizarre incident. In order to return the young man to a fully functional life, Amon incorporated Shiryuu (Dragon of Death) sword into the place of the boy’s missing arm.

One of the more interesting facts about this video, which comes as a bonus with the second volume of the manga, is that it was created by Ookami no Kodomo Ame to Yuki’s Digital Frontier.

Source: Comic Natalie

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