Manga K: Days of Blue Begins in ARIA

K: Days of Blue is the newest adaptation of GoHands and GoRa’s original anime series from 2012. It will centre on the lives of the Blue King’s domains and the SCEPTER 4 dorms. The new manga series will begin in the December issue of ARIA magazine, coming out on October 28, and will be by Yui Kuroe.

While the first manga K: Memories of Red was about the Red Clan a.k.a. HOMRA, this second one will focus on the Blue Clan and more precisely the past of Reisi Munakata. There might also be a mention about Saruhiko “Saru” Fushimi. Both titles come from the able hands of the same mangaka Yui Kuroe. This manga’s script is written by Pink.

Let me remind you that the anime’s sequel story will be in the form of a movie and we are still expecting details about it. Also, if you want to know what has happened before the original series – these manga are the best choice to find out as both of them focus on the time before the anime from 2012.

Source: Comic Natalie

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