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The Coppelion project was initially put on hold because of the Fukushima nuclear plant devastation.

Coppelion is an adaptation of the original manga with both story and art created by Tomonori Inoue. The story revolves around three genetically engineered young girls and their task to walk into a forsaken Tokyo after ages of devastation that resulted from a nuclear explosion’s follow-up radioactive contamination of the whole zone some years ago. Their job – to rescue survivors and take care of nuisances.

This anime series will begin on 2nd October 2013!


This been said, let me tell you what the full story of Coppelion is…

The year is 2036 and there have been decades since the last time someone has entered Tokyo. Decades since the dreadful apocalypse, which occurred after centuries of unwitting and harmless overuse of human power over the location. More than 90% of the population of the Japanese capital died. At that time, Tokyo lost all of its beauty, but even more – it was damaged beyond recognition and left without any similarity to what it used to be. Years after this moment, artificial humans have been created to try to save what little population has been left within the Tokyo borders. They are three girls, looking like ordinary high school students, who have superhuman abilities and most of all – can take on the dangerous atmosphere in the old capital, kill without blinking and eye and seek out victims and people to rescue from even the most candid of locations in the zone. This team is a part of the Ground Self-Defence Force third division special forces. This squad’s name is “Coppelion”.

The three main characters in the anime will be this squad’s members. The three artificially created and overstimulated girls are Ibara Naruse who will be played by Haruka Tomatsu (AnoHana’s Naruko “Anaru” Anjou); Aoi Fukasaku who will be played by Kana Hanazawa (Durarara!!’s Anri Sonohara); and Taeko Nomura who will be played by Satomi Akesaka (gdgd Fairies’ krkr and Fusako Mochida). All three of them are pale and Japanese Defense Force Special technology school students.

There are many other characters apart of the main trio, of course.

Here is the full list of who will be whose seiyuu in this new production:


Ibara (left) is 18y.o. Both of her companions are 2 years younger. Aoi (centre) is an emotional girl who hides her negative emotions and loves to eat. Taeko’s unique abilities are her animal-like instinct and extra-sensory senses.

Ibara Naruse to be played by Haruka Tomatsu

Aoi Fukasaku to be played by Kana Hanazawa

Taeko Nomura to be played by Satomi Akesaka

All three of the girls are unique, but also alike because of their pale skins and that they are students in

the at the Japanese Defense Force Special technology school.

haruto kurosawa
Haruto likes to complain and have fun. He is fond of explosives and Ibara. His first appearance is when the main trio is in danger.

Haruto Kurosawa to be played by Kenichi Suzumura

shion kanon ozu coppelion
The two sisters live in Tokyo and are quite aggressive towards the JDF reps.

Kanon Ozu to be played by Yui Horie

Shion Ozu to be played by Maaya Sakamoto

Onihei Mishima to be played by Rikiya Koyama

Mushanokouji to be played by Chafurin

Ibuse to be played by Tomohiro Satou

Oyakata Kurobe to be played by Koutarou Nakamura

Gennai Ishikawa to be played by Hiroshi Naka

Gojiro Kajii to be played by Masahiko Tanaka

Ibuki Kajii to be played by Mamiko Noto


Let me tell you something, if you’re wondering why and how come this new show reminds you of last year’s hit series K anime (whose sequel was announced just recently and will be in the form of a movie), then wonder no more – it’s because one of the leading teams in Coppelion is K anime’s GoHands. They have taken over the entire animation production.


This time for a final piece of information, I will give you all of the staff as released on the official website of the Coppelion anime:


Original Creator –  Tomonori Inoue

Director & Character Design –  Shingo Suzuki

Series Composition –  Makoto Nakamura

Series Director –  Susumu Kudo and Hiromichi Kanazawa

Chief Animation Director –  Makoto Furuta

Music –  Mikio Endo

Animation Production –  GoHands

Production –  Coppelion Production Committee

OP – “ANGEL” by angela

ED – “Tokumade” by  angela

See the first trailer that appeared some weeks ago…

Official Coppelion Website You can watch more PVs here as well!

Images © 井上智徳・講談社/コッペリオン製作委員会 ©Copyright King Record.Co.,Ltd.

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