Trailer for Final Fantasy Agito Released (Video)

A 2:25-long trailer for the upcoming mobile Final Fantasy game subtitled AGITO has been streamed online by production company Square Enix. You can see it below!

Final Fantasy AGITO is the newest game form the famous franchise. It is set in the Final Fantasy Type-0 universe and time and the players control a special character named Agito. This same character has been prophesied to become the world’s saviour. Mobile gamers with both Android and iOS-based phones will have the chance to make the best use of their character’s relationships and abilities to become the real Agito and bring the world to a new stage, saving it from a specific moment of devastation.

Source: YouTube

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      1. Someone made you click a trailer article and now you’re complaining? Very well. It is great to know your rights, especially on the internet.

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