nagi no asukara posterThe story of Nagi no Asukara revolves around the young Manaka Mukaido. She is currently in middle school and is a shy girl that often cries. She is indecisive and can’t really do anything alone if it wasn’t for Hikari Sakishima, who is a caring and helpful childhood friend. This is an original anime series by P.A. Works, director Toshiya Shinohara (Kuroshitsuji and various InuYasha projects) and character designer Yoshiaki Dewa, famous as a musician and performer of theme songs for shows such as Highschool of the Dead, Hakuouki Reimeiroku and Fate/Stay Night.

Don’t forget to tune in and watch episode one on 3rd October!

Although this is an original series, the story has already began serialisation as a manga in the Dengeki Daioh magazine, published by ASCII Media Works’. The manga adaptation of this new idea is written and illustrated by Risou Maeda (Soutaisei Moteron, Dr. Rurru) and its first chapter came out in the June issue of the Dengeki Daioh.

manaka and hikari nagi no asukara

As mentioned, the main characters are the cry-baby Manaka (played by Ao no Exorcist’s Kana Hanazawa) and her diligent childhood fiend Hikari (played by Tari Tari’s Natsuki Hanae). But the two main characters are not the only ones in the show as friends, classmates, and fun acquaintances tag along in this cool new anime series.

nagi no asukara chisaki kaname tsumugu

Chisaki Hiradaira, Kaname Isaki and Tsumugu Kihara are three of the main secondary characters. Friend, schoolmate and a boy with a different view of the world as a whole – these three help create a unique and imaginative story.

Ai Kayano, who played AnoHana’s Meiko Honma, will be Chisaki while Kaname will be played by Ryota Ohsaka, who played Akito Himenokouji in OniAi. Tsumugu will share a voice actor with characters such as Tokyo Ravens! Harutora Tsuchimikado and Red Data Girl’s Manatsu Souda. His seiyuu is Kaito Ishikawa.

 nagi no asukara miuna sayu

Miuna-chan and Sayu-chan are the show’s tiny girls. They bring even more charm and games along! Miuna Shiotome will be played by Mikako Komatsu (K anime’s Neko, Nisekoi’s Seishirou Tsugumi) while Kaori Ishihara (Magi’s Aladdin, Double-J’s Yutaka Toba) will voice Sayu-chan.


Director: Toshiya Shinohara  (Kuroshitsuji)

Original Character Design: Buriki (Haganai, Boku waTomodachi ga Sakunai)

Series Composition: Mari Okada (Kuroshituji)

Music: Yoshiaki Dewa (Amnesia)

Animation Production: P.A. Works

OP: “lull ~Soshite Bokura wa~ (lull ~そして僕らは~)” by Ray

ED: “Aqua Terrarium (アクアテラリウム)” by Nagi Yanagi

Check out the two promo videos released by now! There is surely a lot to be seen in this show, especially if you enjoy the genre.


Official Nagi no Asakura Website

Images and video © Project-118/凪のあすから製作委員会

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