Final Fantasy Agito – Free Mobile Game for iOS and Android (Video)

Final Fantasy Agito will be released for iOS and Android mobile devices in winter. It will be based in the Final Fantasy Type-0 universe.This will be a complex mobile game where the players will be advancing as Agito candidate – a characters that is destined to save the world. By communicating with NPCs, fighting with enemy entities and upgrades, each player’s own character will be get closer and closer to winning the final battle.

Watch the latest Square Enix promotional video for the game below!


In this game the players will be able to customise their characters after creating them from scratch and the paid items will be additional and not obligatory for being able to play the game.

The Playstation Portable version of the game (Final Fantasy Type-0, which was initially to come out as FF Agito itself) has already been launched in Japan in October 2011. Although it has not been released in North America nor Europe, there is a possibility that the mobile Final Fantasy Agito will be accessible for countries outside of Japan as well.

The game will come out in the last months of the year, but additional details should be announced during the 30th September Tokyo Game Show event.

Source: YouTube

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