PSYCHO-PASS Season Two and a Movie Announced

psycho-pass makishimaIt’s a busy NicoNico day today! The official Psycho-pass anime screening event, held in Tokyo, has just ended a couple of hours ago. When will the new season be airing and what will the premiere date of the movie – nothing has been disclosed for now.

The news was later confirmed by the chief producer of Noitamina Kouji Yamamoto. He posted the following on his twitter account:

“「サイコパス」重大発表。 テレビ新シリーズ&劇場版プロジェクト始動! お待たせしました! どちらも完全新作ですよ〜”

This means that the stories of both the series and the feature film will be new and unrelated (or slightly related) to the one of the first series. Fans and viewers are hoping for the many loose ends to be tied up inside the upcoming plot line. The possibility of an entirely new idea is already causing a stir in their minds, visible by the many threads and comments around the internet.

Source: Twit

Is this great news or not-so-great? What do you think? Comment below.

7 thoughts on “PSYCHO-PASS Season Two and a Movie Announced

  1. I think it will be the story of the new girl that came in the end of Season 1. It will just make it even more epic – how the novice turned into a mentor and (possibly) saw her protegee fall into the same traps… Glad to hear there is a second season.

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