Watch Hayao Miyazaki’s Retirement Press Conference LIVE

Hayao Miyazaki‘s press conference will be streamed online live for all of us to watch. The platform will be NicoNico. The time – 2 p.m. Japanese time (6 a.m. GMT, 7 a.m. CET, 8 a.m. EET and 1 a.m. EDT). There will be two audio channels – Japanese and English.

Reasons behind his retirement, discussions about his projects and the future of Studio Ghibli as well as receiving thanks from attendees. These will all be the things we are expecting to watch and hear during tomorrow’s event.

You need a NicoNico registration to be able to view the stream.

Japanese Program ID: lv151185497

English Program ID: lv151514052

Please note that speaking will also be Studio Ghibli’s director Toshio Suzuki and producer Koji Hoshino.

Please note that as with many Ghibli movies, Kaze Tachinu (the last project by Miyazaki, if he decides to stay in retirement) will also be distributed in North America by Disney.

Source: NicoNico

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6 thoughts on “Watch Hayao Miyazaki’s Retirement Press Conference LIVE

  1. Watched it but had to go out in a bit more than an hour, so I am not sure how the event was to the end.

    Nevertheless, I was disappointed by the journalists’ questions in the beginning but Miyazaki-sama got more comfortable with the atmosphere and gradually things got better; he even made a few really good jokes.

    Thank you, Miyazaki-sensei and good luck in whatever you decide to do :)

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