Want to See Some Tonari no Seki-kun?

tonari no seki-kunWe can finally see the first key-visual for the new anime based on the original manga Tonari no Seki-kun, written and illustrated by Takuma Morishige. The story is originally serialised in Media Factory’s Monthly Comic Flapper magazine.

Since October 2010, four volumes of the manga have been published and more are to come as it’s still an ongoing project.

The school comedy manga centres on live as seen through the eyes of Rumi Yokoi’s eyes while her mind and all her thoughts all revolve around his classmate Toshinari Seki, who sits next to her in class. Toshinari is always playing the same complex and difficult game and it’s Rumi who keeps attention if he is caught playing or not.

Yuji Muto will be directing the anime adaption and the show will premiere in January next year.
Here is the rest of the staff as released by the production committee:

Character Designer: Masae Otake

Art Director: Shinji Kawai

Director of Photography: Yuki Yamamoto

Sound Director: Yasuyuki Uragami

Color Coordinator: Kayoko Ebina

Production Company: Shen-ei Animation


Source: Official Website

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