Eiyuu Densetsu: Sen no Kiseki PV Streamed (Video)

eiyuu densetsu: son on kisekiThe Japanese gaming website 4Gamer released a special 13-minute video with scenes and gameplay footage from the upcoming new Eiyuu Densetsu game for PS3 and PS Vita. People in Japan will be able to buy the game after 26th September. Both versions will have a gift – drama CD and a full-colour art book. Watch the 13-minute video below, while you’re waiting for the release.

New features in the game are the 360 degrees camera, which is under the full control of the player, the new battle system called “Tactical Link System” and the “active voice” option where the seiyuu’s voices will be playing all over the scenes even during movement.

This new game from the Eiyuu Densetsu franchise will be set in the same universe and era as the 2004 instalment (Trails in the Sky).

Here is a list of the seiyuu whose voices you will be able to hear while playing:


Rean Schwarzer to be played by Kouki Uchiyama

Alisa Reinford to be played by Yui Horie

Eliot Craig to be played by Ryoko Shiraishi

Laura S. Arseid to be played by Mariya Ise

Machias Regnitz to be played by Takuya Satou

Jusis Albarea to be played by Shinnosuke Tachibana

Emma Millstein to be played by Saori Hayami

Fie Claussell to be played by Hisako Kanemoto

Gaius Worzel to be played by Yoshimasa Hosoya

Sara Valestin to be played by Megumi Toyoguchi

Source: YouTube

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