Sabagebu! School Manga to Be Animated by YuriYuri’s Ohta

sabagebuThe fans of YuriYuri and high school clubs will have a reason to celebrate as Hidekichi Matsumoto’s Sabagebu! manga is being adapted into an anime series. The manga revolves around a group of girls who participate in a school club centred about survival games.

Survival Game Club! centres on Momoka Sonokawa and her enrollment into a new school after moving. After moving into the new girls’ only high school, she ends up becoming a member of a club activity based on regular survival game meetings.

The news was released earlier today in the latest issue of Kodansha’s Nakayoshi shoujo magazine. The Survival Game Club! Manga is going to turn into an anime series in 2014. Directing the series will be none other than YuriYuri’s very Masahiko Ohta. The script will be compiled by Kotoura-san’s Takashi Aoshima.

Source: Nakayoshi magazine

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