Hayao Miyazaki Up for a Nausicaä Sequel, if Done by Hideaki Anno

nausicaa “No, I don’t [plan on making a Nausicaa sequel]. Honestly, I don’t feel like doing it. Anno, however, keeps on saying: ‘I want to do it! I want to do it!.’ So, I’m telling him now that, lately, I’ve come to think that if he wants to do it, it would be alright for him to make it.” said the original creator of Kaze no Tani no Nausicaa Hayao Miyazaki.

In fact, Evangelion’s creator Hideaki Anno was originally a key animator in the Nausicaa movie, which came out as an adaptation of Miyazaki’s manga in 1984. It was exactly from this story’s Giant God Warriors, among other things, that he drew inspiration for the Evangelion movies. A long time has passed since then, but the story seems to be influencing the works of Anno-sensei even after as many years.

Although the manga by Miyazaki has finished and he is not going to make a sequel, he is giving a card blanche to his friend and collaborator with whom Miyazaki also worked on his latest title Kaze Tachinu where the famous Evangelion dicrector plays the main male part of Jiro Horikoshi.

Source: My Game News Flash

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5 thoughts on “Hayao Miyazaki Up for a Nausicaä Sequel, if Done by Hideaki Anno

  1. I think this is a rather weird idea. Plus Miyazaki seems annoyed rather than enthusiastic. Being a businessman, though, he may now actually consider it.

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