Tokyo Ravens PV Streamed (video)

Tokyo Ravens is one of the upcoming Fall 2013 anime series. Its first promo video was released earlier this week during Comiket and is now available for all of us. See how the anime version of Kouhei Azano’s light novel series will look!

Tokyo Ravens is a supernatural school story about two high school students. Harutora is a member of the onmyoudou family Tsuchimikado. Lacking the necessary supernatural abilities to be a practitioner, he is just and ordinary student, but everything changes when his childhood friend and future head of the family, a girl named Natsume, returns to his side.
Opening song will be by Highschool of the Dead’s Maon Kurosaki while the ending theme will be performed by Toaru Kagaku no Railgun S’s Yoshino Nanjou from fripSide. (Love Live! School idol project, A Certain Scientific Railgun S) will perform the ending theme.

Source: YouTube

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5 thoughts on “Tokyo Ravens PV Streamed (video)

    1. Honestly…aren’t you tired of asking this? ‘Murican fans watch moe the most, so you’ll watch it as well. Or you’ll re-watch old shows.

      1. It’s not about the moe, it’s about the lack of everything else. Still better than the Free!! tendency.

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