First PV for Yowamushi Pedal Anime (Video)

The first promotional video for October’s Yowamushi Pedal cycling-themed anime series was streamed online. The PV introduces the main characters Shunsuke Imaizumi, Shoukichi Naruko, Sakamichi Onoda, Hajime Aoyagi, Shingo Kinjou, Yuusuke Makishima and Jin Tadokoro.

The manga by Wataru Watanabe was first published in the Japanese Weekly Shounen Champion magazine in 200. It centres on a boy named Sakamichi Onoda who is such a great otaku that he would ride his bicycle 90km to get to the otaku heaven in Akihabara. Because of this extensive training, the boy is able to join a serious cycling competition where his opponents are everything but normal.

Source: Official Website
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