Coppelion Trailer Streamed (Video)

The first full trailer for the Coppelion TV anime adaptation of Tomonori Inoue’s original military manga has been streamed on the official website of the project. New information and updated character profiles also appeared on the site. One of this news is that Angela will perform the first OP and ED of the anime series.You can watch the video below!

The Coppelion manga is a combination of military themes with a science-fictional touch. The story is set in the years of 2036 when, after a radioactive incident, Tokyo has been closed down under quarantine. As a result of a genetical engineering, three girls are able to enter this radioactive region and find the secrets hidden in the enclosed area. They form the 3-person squad code-named “Coppelion” and are the 3rd Division of the Japanese Ground Ground Self-Defense Forces.


Source: Official Website

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      1. You know there is actually a manga you could read, right? Or you’d rather continue with the pseudo-feminist posts…? Both fine by me.

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