143,199 Tweets per Second for Laputa’s “Balus!”

lapta castle in the skyThe official twitter account for Japan announced that a new record has been set by the viewers of the Laputa:Castle in the Sky movie, rerun earlier today on Japanese channel NTV. The previous record was 33.338 tps (tweets per second) for the New Year’s wishes “AkeOme” (short for akemashite omedetou, kotoshi mo yoroshiku).

The last recorded tweet frenzy for Studio Ghibli’s Laputa: Castle in the Sky was in 2011 when Japanese viewers of the then-rerun managed to get 25,088 tps. It is already a tradition to go on Twitter and show your support for Studio Ghibli’s anime project as it airs in Japan. This year, apart from the usual members of the social network, huge companies also participated in the record-breaking event. “Balus!” appeared in tweets by Amazon.co.jp, KFC Japan and more.

If you haven’t seen this anime classic by Ghibli, then you are probably wondering where this “Balus!” comes from. Well, it’s the finale of the movie, when the two main characters decide that it’s for the greater good to destroy the mythical castle in the sky by uttering together a special chant in  a foreign language. With “Balus!” everything ends and the world will never have the Castle in the Sky, but this also renders the evil master plan of the antagonist useless.

Source: twitter Japan

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