Cyborg 009 to End 15 Years after Mangaka’s Death

The first chapter of the last arc of the Cyborg 009 manga series has been published in Shogakukan’s free manga hosting website. Shotaro Ishinomori’s passing couldn’t stop Cyborg 009 from reaching its destined end. The last title in the story is “Saishuushou~Senshitachi no Shoushuu ~”.

The first chapter of this science-fiction manga was published in 1964 and was serialised in Shounen Gahousha’s Weekly Shounen King magazine for 22 years. After the passing of the original creator of the story fifteen years ago, his son, assistant and animation studio have taken over the production, using Ishinomori-sensei’s own plans, sketches and notes. The last arc “Cyborg 009 Kanketsu-Hen conclusion God’s War arc” began in April 2012.

Cyborg 009 centres on 9 humans who get turned into cyborgs against their will. The people behind this experiment, members of the Black Ghost organisation, want to use them for taking over humanity and the world by creating a new world war. True to old-school romance (not the love-related one), the humanoids suddenly turn against their creators and decide to make a stand against the Black Ghost and fight for humanity’s sake.


Source: Shogakukan

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