Free! Anime’s FrFr! Bonus Short Streamed (Video)

The short episode FrFr! involves all the main characters and how they get along… or how they try to solve a mystery?  Free!‘s Makoto and Nagisa discuss Haruka’s stripping habits while the whole club’s thinking of a way to attract more members to the Iwatobi Swimming Club. See the video below.

This short will be included as a bonus in both the DVD and the BD releases of the Free! anime. The home video versions will be available from 11th September. In addition to the bonus video, those of you who purchase the discs will also receive: a reversible jacket with Nagisa, Rei and Makoto on each side, a special splash sleeve packaging as well as the first volume of the Special Book Free!, focusing on Rin Matsuoka.

Source: Kyoto Animation

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7 thoughts on “Free! Anime’s FrFr! Bonus Short Streamed (Video)

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