Kyokai no Kanata Anime Website Launched

kyokai no kanataThe official website for Kyoto Animation’s upcoming anime adaptation of Nagomu Torii’s original light novels Kyokai no Kanata (Beyond the Boundary) was launched earlier today. The novels are in the dark fantasy genre and revolve around a half-human and half-youmu sophomore student.

Akihito Kanbara is a high school sophomore with incredible regeneration speed, coming from this half-youmu origins. Everything starts when he stumbles upon a female freshman who seems to be about to jump off the school rooftop. Her name is Mirai Kuriyama and she has the ability to freely manipulate blood. This is a very rare power even among the creatures of the spirit world. Along with saving her from suicide, Akihito brings along some pretty bad karma as dark events unfold around the two of them.

The first novel of the series came out in June 2012 and the second volume – in April 2013. Tomoyo Kamoi’s illustrations depict the various situations written by Torii-sensei. The story won an honorable mention at the 2011 Kyoto animation awards.

An old video for the light novels can be seen below.

Source: Official Website, Kyoto Animation
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