TOEI Animation Reveals an All-Time Best Fiscal Year

Copyright (C) 2007 TOEI ANIMATION Co.,Ltd. All Rights Reserved.TOEI Animation has officially revealed the results of the financial statistics from the first fiscal year and they are very positive! During the time in which One Piece Film Z and Dragon BallZ: Kami to Kami were released, the company has managed to not only keep away from bankruptcy, but also increase their sales. Good job, otaku!

The average increase is as follows: 13.6% overall increase, which comes from 160.2% online operating revenue increase and 137.1% ordinary revenue increase. The only decrease for the fiscal year ending in March 2014 (the accounts are for the period between 1st April 2013 and 30th June 2013 is for the overall online income which has fallen by as much as 134.5%.
Other titles, named as a part of the record-breaking data, are the movie Precure All Stars New Stage 2: Kokoro no Tomodachi, Sain Seiya Omega, DokiDoki! Pecure as well as the international agreement for the distribution of Sailor Moon TV anime series.

The only full sector named to have an issue is the mobile social one where the games provided by TOEI Animation have shown little to very little growth in income.

Source: TOEI Animation

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8 thoughts on “TOEI Animation Reveals an All-Time Best Fiscal Year

  1. Reports that are publicly released are not meant to give the full picture to say the least. It is an obvious attempt to boost the industry, but still – well done.

    1. Well said. :) As they do have responsibility of what they publish, it is good news…we just don;t know how good.

  2. it’s too hard for me to understand – isn’t a decrease of 134.5% too bad?! :( but it sounds like they’re happy, so i will be too :3

  3. Most of these are classic well-known stories. Sholdn’t this ring a bell, so the industry would take out the trash?!

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