English Dub Trailer for Blue Exorcist: The Movie (Video)

ao no exosrcist movieAo no Exorcist: The Movie’s first official English dub trailer was released by Aniplex US. The company is releasing the animation theatrically across the US on 17th August 2013 and all ticket holders will have a free poster during the promotion. See the video below!

In Japan, the Ao no Exorcist (Blue Exorcist) movie was first released in cinemas on 24th December 2012. It tells us a story of the time when Rin Okumura met a child daemon. While True Cross Academy is preparing for an event which is celebrated every 11 years, a special team of exorcists needs to find out the reason behind some mysterious events and stop it before things get worse. Even the fate of the Academy itself is in danger because of one little cute daemon called Usamaru.

Source: AniplexUS

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